Distractions and Information overload 

 “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep it’s mouth shut and just listen for a while”Steve Bannon,Trump advisor

Our initial instincts when a President or a governing body or anyone for that matter tries to silence us is to shout back,as a means of proving we won’t be silenced. But perhaps the carefully,considered response is what we need to resort to,rather than knee-jerk reactions that render us no better than the silencers themselves.

We need to be alarmed,and take action when it pays off. But we are useless if we lose our minds. It’s true journalism(any medium) can no longer perform its primary role in the public sphere:to inform civic discourse. Few years ago,there was a battle over the potential for education to create a basis for political literacy. According to lippmann,information overload made informed judgement impossible for the individual citizens.Dewey added that critical thinking and liberal education is the source of the ability to discern and judge.

The digital sphere can be overwhelming,but the same argument has been made about ink and paper. Critical analysis is the key ,and it can be nurtured if we make the next generation not just digitally literate but also digitally discerning. The signal is getting lost in the noise and the fact is becoming impossible to separate from fiction.

Distraction is a choice on a very personal level. Unless there’s a medical issue,each of us chooses to become distracted. My assumption is,being distracted is first a reaction,but it quickly progresses to be a habit and that habit becomes a way of life(culture) for people. Want to be less distracted,then change the habit.

We cannot blindly  indulge in infotainment and news porn. We are at risk and we have to take our news seriously. We cannot carelessly dilute it. We all need to subscribe to serious news outlets,because news is no longer free. What the government and many blogs supply is not news but propaganda. Kenya need to remind itself that freedom is dependent on the ability to think critically and evaluate risk before we leap.

The media is suppose to be the informative truth not the alternative fact. Today we don’t have true journalist.They all fall into the supreme court defination of commenters or overpaid entertainers.

Distractions is mainly caused by short attention spans,the weakening of critical thinking skills,an avalanche of other day to day preoccupations,the escalation of self absorption tendencies(like taking selfies),group think,lower levels of emotional intelligence and the erosion of civil discourse.

It takes two to tango: producers produce what consumers accept and the consumer of today(us),in most cases,is in blind acceptance mode.

Over 1000 followers,Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Those curious don’t worry

I don’t know what to say friends. To be honest it was one of my this year’s resolution,by then I had only 5 followers. It is because of you..Yes you who is now reading my post.Thank you so much.

It’s because of you that my blog now has over 1000 total WordPress likes. You’ve always enjoyed what I post and it’s because of you that I try my best each day to post the contents you’d like.You have been active in commenting, sharing and reblogging not to forget your tireless corrections you propose in the comment section. I’ve learnt a lot through you. I can write better because of the lessons I got from you. I can never give up because of you and so should you.It is a day to Christmas and I’m pleading with you to make a change for once. Remember those families in the neighborhood who don’t have anything to take for Christmas. Spread happiness and joy by sharing.

Christmas is a season for love. A season to spend time with family and Friends. Spark some warm feelings on your loved ones. Try and see the smiles of those around you. Remember it’s not the time to drink,to ruin your mind and body but to live free and enjoy the moment.

Much love people… Enjoy the melody of Christmas carols, candles, lights and decors.This is not the time for much reading…Go out and enjoy Christmas

Where did we all lose it? 

Now this is what you didn’t know. Most campus young guys waste a lot of time in non beneficial activities. Let’s not take it too far, what do you call a three hour argument without an agreement? It’s time wasting. Is it sometime logical to step back and listen to what other people say? I’ll not answer that because you happen to be having the answer. Then what? It’s not us to blame, it’s the curriculum. We were taught listening skills, right? But who remembers? What we care about is getting an A or passing our KCSE exams. Does that add any value? It’s just papers. 

But that wasn’t my point. Here is the thing. As young people with potential,we don’t need to be told everything. We’ve the internet, by it I don’t mean Wikipedia. We are in an era where students have all it takes to outsmart the teachers. I sometime stare the lecturers straight in the iris, trying to figure out how they learnt everything they lecture us. It inspires me knowing that you can really learn something by yourself. The example we are given in class trust me isn’t something our lecturers were taught in lecture halls. They learnt them one way or another and so can we. 

I’ve been involving myself in arguments of late. Trust we I’m the most hated individual by many but that doesn’t affect me much if you still spell my name right. I twist stories and topics to get the 360 degree perspectives. Some of them I stand with till this very second and some are just to get opinions from my friends. In so doing it makes my work easier relating them to various politicians and media personalities in our country. Some really frame their argument so nicely that I admire them but some take it so personal that makes feel more of a trouble maker. 

One of the argument that really drove me to write this articles is the hit and run slogan that’s familiar among many young guys. For the sake of pretenders, it’s the act of having sex without feeling attached. And these are some of the claims they give me in defense. First, “wewe wakati unategea embe iive, wengine wanakula kwa chumvi”(as  you wait for the mango fruit to ripe, some take it with salt).Do you have an idea what that means? Basically it is having sex without plans at all. Another reason was a thing to do with women being same and the opposite is true for men. That’s not true. 

It’s just crazy spending a whole hell of time researching on how to crack someone’s mind. Guys do all sorts of things to win a woman’s heart. Sounds romantic, right? No. The idea is to lay and part ways. And why would you be putting all that effort for just sex? You are not only destroying your life but also that pretty lady’s. It’s fun. You feel happy but after all that what next. Assume you lay 20 women in a semester, is there any crown being won for that? Infact this all idea of dating in campus doesn’t make sense to me. Because anyway what do we talk about? Assignments…how was the cat…mostly we don’t have real talks and if you’re disputing then you couldn’t be in the list of people who support that slogan of hit and run. I’m not trying to play mum’s little boy game neither do I want you guys to behave like cavemen and women. It’s something that happens and is known by both me and you. 

I’m not making a choice for you.We are big boys and girls,come on, we know what we are doing. All I’m asking for is for you to place your feelings aside and reason in your stable state of mind. That’s not so important. You wanna know what is really important in your life? Lemme help you out. Close your eyes and remember God. What came to your mind immediately? That’s the most important thing in your life. Go for it. Haha… Bye… You guys are awesome. I love you all. 

A brain teaser in the morning and before sleep is helpful

classic cheesecake

Serve to seven people.


  • (9 inch)prepared graham cracker crust
  • 450g of cream cheese
  • Two eggs
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 2 teaspoonful of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest,grated.


  1. Heat the oven to 350°F(175°c)
  2. Slight beat soften cream cheese.Add eggs,sugar,vanilla and lemon zest.
  3. Bake for 30 minutes and allow yo cool afterwards before refrigerating for 8 hours.

Ready for serving.Enjoy the delicious classic cheesecake.

Today is a great day.

This is always how my typical morning start.I don’t care how the previous day was.Depending on what you’re going through,you just have to wake up,kneel down and say a short prayer to our father in heaven thanking him for his providence.

Hope this is not making you dizzy.I interact with a lot of friends .one moment they feel special and the other moment they feel like a piece of shit.At least you must have experienced this one way or another in your life. One thing that many people don’t get in life is that nature has a very funny way of getting things done.Take an instance of those you consider successful; what do you mirror of their campus or childhood life?They looked hopeless and trust me some of the people they grew up with never expected such a tremendous success from them.

Take a stock of your classmates back in class one. Try to trace how many are with you,better or worse than you and how many are dead.You’ll be surprised but that doesn’t mean you were better than them. What it means is that there were great plans ahead that you never saw by then. When you start to understand some of these simple things that keep happening in our lives,then you’ll have a clear understanding of the merits of waking up each morning.

Everyday is a great day for me.Right from my first beautiful good morning messages/texts to my parents and a few of my trusted friends to the last goodnight texts. I stopped having a role model because the last one I had never went as per my fancy. I call that my weakness because once I single you out as my role model,I run a background check on you and believe me some of the rumours I get leaves only one single man,Jesus Christ. He’s the kind of man I’m looking forward to,the kind of man I’ve always wanted to be and I’m still striving to be. Don’t just dismiss or underrate me because you never know just the way you were not certain of reading this post today.

Take each day easy. Be optimistic. Know your character. Don’t fool people with your reputation. And have cool friends that gives you a reason to live that extra day. It takes a huge amount of sacrife because there are those who wake up with only one mission;to lower your dignity.Be careful.Don’t give up and spend every moment fully. Tell that person that you love her and do that thing today.

Feels good watching the sunrise

Who knows..

Flash of a kiss has never crossed my mind.But the warmness and smoothness of her strawberry lips can’t escape my imagination. Good is always kept for last.But who knows?

We’ve only had a heartwarming, partial hug.Happiness better than a mother’s sight of her new born baby filled my heart. I feel a feeling of miss and absence. But who knows?

Her gorgeous eyes,the rhythmic swaying of her hips,the fragrance of her perfume, the adorable curves of her body is correctly drawn on my mind.All I need is being with you everyday. But who knows?

I knew I was going to like her forever.The first time I saw  her was in the library. Not only does she regularly engage in acting, but she’s a powerful motivator with actual evidence that kindness,striving passion and loving is good for …..(we shared a remarkable personal story which I call Coanne miracle)

Coffee, movie,pictures,swimming, skating, evening walks,touring,
Life begins after a hangout


Curly hair they were 

My concious still deep sea water.

In the rose floral garden 

Beautiful white doves flying over us.
Was it a premonition. 

Wild fancy moves yesternight 

Breathtaking match towards my table 

That’s love’s to answer. 
Thought rose will never flourish 

Suppleness of its petals 

It’s brightness attracts the eye.

One of the million anthers will conquer.
We wake up on a beautiful sunrise 

Your head on my shoulder 

Glaring rays falling on our face 

That’s the broadest smile ever. 

Feelings beyond rose’s quest for water