Echoes of love

Echoes of love, Flashes of pain and pleasure. Memories of time we had, all those promises of forever. 

Echoes of love, fears  of trying again. Hope that we’d get the chance to find our way to but unsure of where to begin 

Echoes of love, dreams of what we threw away, silent whispers of beautiful words and the sweet surrender of yesterday 

But I don’t want the Echoes of love that shows us losing this so true love :I’d rather cast away these Echoes of love and continue being in love with you 

10 facts about ladies 

I have been interacting with girls of late. The fact that I was raised up in a family of four kids have always ruined my understanding of women until the past one month I decide to decode the information behind every lady’s body language. It hasn’t been simple because I had to do some crazy stuff to make them open up, but the good news is I was able to get some facts about girls that can help you next time in your seduction field.

  • When a girl bumps into your arm while walking she wants you to hold her hand.

Before knowing this fact, I used to see that as an accident and I could just say sorry and go ahead with my business. I never understood that this act was intentional on her end, so I ended up missing an opportunity to hang out with some of the hottest women in school.

  • When she wants a hug she will just stand there

This reminded me of an instance where one day we were going for lunch with a couple of friends. We met this chick who have been a friend for a long time. So instead of her being direct, she used this statement to one of my friend, ‘I don’t need a hug, but in any case you do come get it’ I was like this is being bossy and boastful but the indirect message this beauty was sending was a need for a very warm hug. She hanged around but the friend also got stubborn maybe because we shared a common understanding.

  • When you break a girl’s heart, she still feels it when you run into each other three years later.

Imagine the first crush you had and did everything to win her heart. You start dating but due to some mistakes by human, you break up. The lady gets really heartbroken especially if you were truly her first love. The girl’s heart will still be wounded three years later, maybe on or after graduation assuming she met you in your freshman years.

  • When a girl is quiet, millions of things are running through her mind while when she is not arguing, she is thinking deeply.

When she looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around.This happens mostly when you go back to grandma’s place from the city and you meet this girl who is madly in love with you that your absence will most of the time make her cry. The looks she gives you when around not knowing at what moment you are going back will shock you.

  • When she stares at you, she is wondering why you are wonderful so don’t ask what? And when she answers, “I’m fine.” After a few seconds she is not at all fine. Don’t give her an okay answer. 
  • When a girl lays her head on your chest, she wishes you be hers forever. Next time you call her for a sleepover or a movie, be keen.
  • When she says,” I miss you” no one in this world can miss you more than that.
  • When she says that she cannot live without you, she has made up her mind that you are her future. Consider yourself a lucky guy and start planning for a nightstand honeymoon in Paris.
  • When a lady is mean to you after a breakup, she wants you back but she is scared that she will get hurt and knows you are gone forever. So don’t get surprised a crush or an ex telling you that all seats are booked in a lecturer room or a meeting.

Top News stories

Kenya rugby in the fifth place at semi  finals following 21-24 loss against New Zealand. The team won 22-7 in their play with  Argentina and lost 13-12 to England. The team won 17-7 in their match against Samoa and lost 29-7 in their play with Australia  

Hon.Rebecca Tonkei is officially the ODM flag bearer in Narok county highly contested women representative seat

Kabete MP Aspirant Chege Fresh found Alive in Narok. This follows some allegations reported that the MP had been kidnapped last Friday. Many Kenyans are now making jokes with his reappearance on social media linking it to the death and resurrection of Christ on Friday and Sunday respectively in this time of Easter celebration.

KFC Kenya has now partnered with Shell Oil Company in Kenya during this super Sunday Easter celebration. For any spend of kshs1000 in KFC you get free fuel worth kshs1000 for the first 200 people

Agenda ni vijana sasa (Youth manifesto Kenya) was launched today at Zetech university in Ruiru by The Siasa Place a non-governmental organization engaging youths in politics through the constitution and the electoral processes. They said in their twitter handle(@siasaplace)that the new constitution is the first in history to have youths protected as a group 

A sheep and A baby(2 min read) 

How many of you know this animal called the sheep? Majority of us remember this animal as being the most foolish of the animal kingdom. What about a baby? They are mostly associated with tenderness and forgetfulness. But there is a linear relationship between the two. Both of them never care about the harm in their way. Both forget very easily. Let’s take an instance of a baby, my little brother at home, once in a while my mum would always pinch him in the cheeks because of one or two mistakes. Mum gets worried for a few minutes because of fear of hurting her youngest child, to her amusement, my younger brother would always be the first person to smile for her asking, ‘mum, where is the blue toy gun you promised to give me?’ mum would always smile back and hug him saying, ‘Collins would take you to the store tomorrow to get a new toy gun.’ Enough of my family stories. Let’s now talk about the sheep. I remember one day at my rural home untethering our sheep to graze was so cloudy and I was very sure it would rain in a few hours. An hour later it started raining and bearing in mind that I had untethered the sheep, I knew it would take cover. I got surprised when I saw the sheep sheltering in the rain.

This is how majority of us are, we forget very quickly. Do you remember the topic you were taught on your last lesson last week? Do you even remember the last person you met an hour ago, the colour of their clothes, the shoe they were wearing? If all your answers were positive you will realize so many differences with that other person whose answers were negative. This translates in all facets of our life. We are just some months to election and I can bet the top two candidates come august. Are they the best? No. Have they done anything worth your vote? Political trend in this country is just crazy. If you are keen you will realize that the people we elect once did some crazy stuff in the past. Take a look at the lion and the assistant leading this land and the things they did 10 years ago. What about the leader of the animal kingdom capital and his performance records of the past two companies and the capital itself? Just a few miles from the kingdom capital, we have another little cub, who in the public sphere pretend to be the favourite of the 47 cubs in this pride. 10 years ago he was the spokesperson of the previous kingdom and the role he played in intensifying the conflict then was devastating . 

I know campaigns are looming and majority of us are ready and willing to die for our philosopher kings. I am not against that to the extent of your understanding but I propose an element of rationality in our thinking and elect candidates on the basis of their doing and capability and not on our tribal inclinations and pity. Our aspirants will always tell us what we want to hear and not what they will do or can do. Just remember to ask any aspirant approaching you on the resources they have to make the heaven they are promising a reality. Can we all be smart and participate actively in changing the status quo? Join the movement now and post a picture with the #thecountryineed.

Distractions and Information overload 

 “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep it’s mouth shut and just listen for a while”Steve Bannon,Trump advisor

Our initial instincts when a President or a governing body or anyone for that matter tries to silence us is to shout back,as a means of proving we won’t be silenced. But perhaps the carefully,considered response is what we need to resort to,rather than knee-jerk reactions that render us no better than the silencers themselves.

We need to be alarmed,and take action when it pays off. But we are useless if we lose our minds. It’s true journalism(any medium) can no longer perform its primary role in the public sphere:to inform civic discourse. Few years ago,there was a battle over the potential for education to create a basis for political literacy. According to lippmann,information overload made informed judgement impossible for the individual citizens.Dewey added that critical thinking and liberal education is the source of the ability to discern and judge.

The digital sphere can be overwhelming,but the same argument has been made about ink and paper. Critical analysis is the key ,and it can be nurtured if we make the next generation not just digitally literate but also digitally discerning. The signal is getting lost in the noise and the fact is becoming impossible to separate from fiction.

Distraction is a choice on a very personal level. Unless there’s a medical issue,each of us chooses to become distracted. My assumption is,being distracted is first a reaction,but it quickly progresses to be a habit and that habit becomes a way of life(culture) for people. Want to be less distracted,then change the habit.

We cannot blindly  indulge in infotainment and news porn. We are at risk and we have to take our news seriously. We cannot carelessly dilute it. We all need to subscribe to serious news outlets,because news is no longer free. What the government and many blogs supply is not news but propaganda. Kenya need to remind itself that freedom is dependent on the ability to think critically and evaluate risk before we leap.

The media is suppose to be the informative truth not the alternative fact. Today we don’t have true journalist.They all fall into the supreme court defination of commenters or overpaid entertainers.

Distractions is mainly caused by short attention spans,the weakening of critical thinking skills,an avalanche of other day to day preoccupations,the escalation of self absorption tendencies(like taking selfies),group think,lower levels of emotional intelligence and the erosion of civil discourse.

It takes two to tango: producers produce what consumers accept and the consumer of today(us),in most cases,is in blind acceptance mode.

Over 1000 followers,Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Those curious don’t worry

I don’t know what to say friends. To be honest it was one of my this year’s resolution,by then I had only 5 followers. It is because of you..Yes you who is now reading my post.Thank you so much.

It’s because of you that my blog now has over 1000 total WordPress likes. You’ve always enjoyed what I post and it’s because of you that I try my best each day to post the contents you’d like.You have been active in commenting, sharing and reblogging not to forget your tireless corrections you propose in the comment section. I’ve learnt a lot through you. I can write better because of the lessons I got from you. I can never give up because of you and so should you.It is a day to Christmas and I’m pleading with you to make a change for once. Remember those families in the neighborhood who don’t have anything to take for Christmas. Spread happiness and joy by sharing.

Christmas is a season for love. A season to spend time with family and Friends. Spark some warm feelings on your loved ones. Try and see the smiles of those around you. Remember it’s not the time to drink,to ruin your mind and body but to live free and enjoy the moment.

Much love people… Enjoy the melody of Christmas carols, candles, lights and decors.This is not the time for much reading…Go out and enjoy Christmas