I don’t know whether it is always me who have this feelings. Just take a second and take a stock of everything you’ve done. Some you award credit while others you can’t even have the courage to face. My friend always reminds me of having courage even for just 20 seconds.
It’s a week now and nothing all through has gone well. You feel like you don’t want your face to be seen by anyone. You have the mark of fail labeled all over your body. You are worried where to ran to. These are those desperate moments you need someone to tell you what you want to hear. If you’ve lost a job, this is the time you need someone to tell you that you’ll have another job tomorrow. These are instances you need a hug, you need somebody to scratch your back. You lay eyes around but nobody seem to care. You explain the problem to the few people you trust but the only return you get back are jeer cold stares.
You’re in that bed, that room, that coach wondering what next. The only companion you’ve got is your God or Satan depending on whoever you trust. If you haven’t been a church person, these are the critical times you draw closer to God.
What most of us fail to get is that these are tests in life. If you fail to bypass them then it’s as well as losing the weak 10 percent hope you had. You may think that it’s only you alone in the fight. You are not alone sister/brother. There is always someone with you. He will never fail you. Just hold onto your belief.
You may be in the process of identifying who you really are. You use so many tests, but you fail many of them.
Have one mindset, try to eliminate distraction. Distractions will come from all over. Some are really enticing and very pleasing to the eye. You try to turn your back from them but a voice from within taps and says,

Buddy you can’t afford to miss that.
You have a century idea that you strongly feel you should implement but because of the comments you get from your friends, you back off. You get scared by the size of the idea in your mind. What maybe you don’t realize is that the thing you’ve could be the next big thing. It could be an idea that could be positively received by the whole population in the planet. It could be something that can make new records and open chapter in the history of this world.
Never be told that you can’t do something neither should you be told that you don’t deserve something. If you really believe you can and it’s deep within you, compose your self, say a simple prayer to God and stop getting scared. There’s nobody who’s a superman or perfect, you’ll make mistakes but eventually you’ll succeed. If you get scared you’ll never prosper and so you’ll never enjoy the fruit. Don’t be scared.

It starts with me having 20 seconds of courage. You know, sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Just literally 20 seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.