Staying motivated is a sure thing but maintaining the status quo is always challenging. It can last for a few months, years, days, minutes or even hours. The capability of staying motivated all through is what separates successful people and average people.
Lets do it on the count of three….two…. one…
1.Act fake. Do be yourself at the worst side but on those rare positive and best part. You wanna be a movie character, act like your favourite actor. You want to be the best photography, fashion or art blogger act like the best in the world.
2.Read self help books ranging from motivational and inspirational books to books of your area of interest.
3.Don’t listen to what people say about you. One thing for sure is that people will never stop talking, what matters is how. If you succeed they give excuses, if you fail they criticize.
4.Do what you’re passionate about. There is always a lot of pressure. People want to succeed in a day which I’m not saying is impossible. But only on rear occasions like being the only one capturing an alien landing on earth. Do what you love and you’ll never work any single second.
5.Create a circle of positive friends. Those who can motivate and encourage you. Your character is defined by the people you associate yourself with. Depending on what you want so is your friend.
6.Motivate people yourself. How are you going to stay motivated if you never a single motivational word to Your neighbour. It starts by opening up and talking, this can be through a single post in all your social media platforms or just a single friend in your workplace, family etc. 
7.close your eyes and visualize. Imagination of being there is enough to take you there physically. The feeling you had during visualizing will keep you going.
8.Pray to God that you may remain motivated throughout your life.
9.Don’t compete. Life isn’t a competition. The moment you start competing is the moment you start failing. Persist in making a difference in your past self. Make a mark, show advancement and progress and in doing so sooner than later you’ll realize that you’re above your competitors.
10.Get your fact right:You’re capable and able. Trust your First instinct. Start somewhere and make it big.