Top 10 tips to succeed in any business (For bloggers,bloggers,freelancers and youtubers)


Success in business can be a very difficult thing. Majority of people fail to get where to start. Its never difficult,the only thing you probably need to get rid of is fear of starting. My most inspirational quote when it comes to doing a thing is

Always be a success seeker and never a risk avoider.

Straight up to my tips.
Passion is really an important thing in any doing. Do the thing you love and you’ll never work any day. For the lovers of Ted talks,the domineering factor in all the talks by each speaker always revolve around passion and love for self. Don’t force yourself to do something just because you want money. Do it because you feel contented and passionate about it.
Look around where you’re coming from those who have succeeded in your passionate field and give them a tour. They are always a great source for your motivation. Ask how they managed to reach there. Accessing them may be difficult but as it is always if you are serious you’ll never lack an option. Even if all it takes is to wait for them in an elevator, do it and utilize the two or three floors difference to convince your motivator that you’re worth talking to.
3.Knowledge and reading.
For success you must be willing to seek what it entails. Reading nooks is my #1 recommendation. Read books of success in your field. It’s from book that we acquire knowledge. I understand that reading in 21st century is difficult but we have kindle books from Amazon that you can easily read at your pleasure.
This is the recent finding I came a cross. Spend 33% of your time with people 10 times better than you. These are your mentors. They’ll always make you uncomfortable. The successful people we have like Bill gates, Jay Z,Aristotle the great,Mark zukerberg all had people who were mentoring them. Take away: Go look for a mentor.
5.Have a plan.
Every successful business starts with having a very wonderful plan. Have a plan for your undertaking. Plan is like a prototype of your whole journey in that activity. Good planning leads to no mistake. Plan well and stick to it. Do an analysis of the field you’re suppose to explore,lay out your strategies,objectives and mission.
Don’t be distracted. Stay focused on your passion. People tend to lose focus mostly after the first fail. The first fail is always a mistake. Focus will drain in motivation and determination. You must focus on it as much as you want it. Focus will create an imagination of success. Just imagine the feeling you’ll have if you succeeded in your dream. Imagine the feeling president Obama had in achieving his dream of being the president of the most powerful nation.
7.Treat other people well.
Success is mainly determined by your reputation. That one thing you are known for. If it is blogging,you tubing or even freelancing, are you known for honest comments,do you share or do you even honestly like. Success isn’t about competition. We are not in a race ,we built one another that’s why we are called a society or a nation. The moment you start getting jealous of something is the very first moment you start failing.
8.Know your audience.
They’re also called customers. One thing for sure is that they are always right. Their interest always dominate. Take a thorough research to understand them and do all it takes to satisfy their interests. How do you treat those who comment and like your items/posts?Do you comment back?
9.Rewards and give away.
Your audience will love them and it will always encourage them to visit your business or website. It will motivate them to talk about you with their friends and in the process you’ll also be getting new visitors. Launch challenges and reward the winners. It can be something as simple as who shares your blog or business the most.
Don’t copy paste post from one blog to your blog. Don’t transfer an idea from one business to your business. Copying  only shows that you’re not an expert in your field. You don’t have any expertize at all. Be original in your content. Originality still goes to your passion in that you’ll never be ignorant in your field of interest.

I believe that the above tips can be applied in any field and sharing will hugely make a difference in your neighbors thinking.

Just the fact that it is difficult to do doesn’t mean you cannot do it.

Do it and share if relevant to you.
Don’t forget to follow if you got something because more is coming.


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