Marketing is the number one tool for any success of a business entity. Don’t limit your mind on the definition of business as it entails a lot. Business ranges from a physical set up to an online shopping front. It can be freelancing or even something as simple as blogging. When marketing is correctly done,it can reap a bunch of sweet fruits.
      Social media marketing is a common term to so many people but what majority miss is on it’s usage. It is the act of being social on the website. It is also a proven tool for success on marketing. It involves basically two things: 1.Brand awareness
Branding is creating a good image or reputation while networking is building a relationship.
Top social media tools for marketing are as follows:
YouTube nowadays releaves us of the traditional methods of launching products physically over cities and market places. It is a good marketing tool as it is the best way of engaging your customers and also introducing new products in the market. Very useful in product demonstration. You can also go live to have a live interaction with your customer.
You can achieve a marketing objective by creating a Facebook page for your company. And the easiest way to manage it is by using a Facebook page manager App in the play store. It is good for creating new relations and also in increasing your brand exposure.
This is probably the number one professional social network. It is very good for professional to professional networks and also business to business networks. It helps in building business connection base. Additionally, it is good for promoting useful articles online.
I’ll not recommend it if you don’t have a large following or for start ups but it’s the best for posting short conversions rather than emailing. Moreover, you can use it in publishing links to your articles.
Actually there’s is no company which uses fax numbers nowadays even though I do still observe them in company’s addresses. Business cards usage have dropped drastically and people are no longer fans.
We’ve other social media marketing tools that are taking new roots like Instagram, Skype, Tumblr, Google+, Webinars, podcast etc.
I recommend this tools because they are free,have huge audiences, you can engage with your customers, visibility on websites, real time feedback etc. Talk to your customer what you think,what you feel and what you want.