Being a lady is something like a favour. Because you won’t be required to provide, protect or work hard. The only thing maybe is love. I’m not a lady but I have sisters and interacts with lots of ladies.
  The world tend to give a lady a lot of definitions. From curved hips to rounded Buts. I don’t have a specific defination that covers all women. All I know is that the way you’re that’s the true lady. Embracing the positive self is all that matters.
   Those aside, there are some distinctive traits that separates that lady you see around and THAT LADY.
The lady I’m talking about are a few in this world. If you think you qualify, read keenly the below traits.
  Be that lady that prays. That sounds easy, you do it everyday. What I mean is prayer for enemies, an example is that man that broke your heart or that stalker you don’t want to see in your sight.
  Be that lady that loves mum and dad.
Loving parents is very important to ladies. Rarely do ladies love their parents dearly. I’m not talking about that lady who despises her parents. That lady is she who will cancel a date and get time to hanging around with mum and dad.
   Be that lady that has a purpose. Be the lady that can figure out how to make income. Don’t be just the lady that takes the life as it comes. Be the lady that tries by all means to shape her own destiny. Don’t be that girl that relies on boyfriend or husband for majority of things.
  Be that lady that truly loves. The lady I’m talking of here isn’t one who wants to have every man so that at the end of the day the pocket is full. I don’t know the perfect term to brand them. Be that kind of lady who loves herself. Know that you have a great body that is suppose to be taken care of.
  Be that lady who has a mentor. We’re not robots or machines. There are a times when we get faced with trouble. Having someone close who you can trust is the perfect solution. Have someone 1000 times better than you not your best friend. I insist.
  Be that lady who networks. Being social is perfectly good for a persons well being. The kind of networks you create determine greatly you’re next move in your life and career. Be a lady who don’t waste chances on potential networks.
  Be that lady who don’t waste a minute. Time is of essence. Probably a cliché, but still some need repetition for the basics to sink. Your time isn’t to be wasted. It can through having talks that should have ended long ago. But this doesn’t mean that fun and social time are wasted time.
Now you know. If you think I never captured some traits that that lady should have be free to leave them at the comment section.