Judge by yourself

Really serious. I don’t understand whether I’m the only one witnessing this. Taking the lead is totally right. I’m 100% positive when it comes to it. For the past few years there has been  a strong campaign in fight for girl child like the HeforShe campaign launched by Emma Watson. To a larger extent they’ve achieved a lot. Congratulations!!. 

But it’s now high time we should start advocating for the boy child so that at least we get at par. I’m in campus, every week we do an assignment and continuous assessment test. In the top 10 slots, women or female tend to occupy over 50%.I blame myself because I’m a male too. Like every concerned person would do, each day after school I take a stock of all the happenings in the course of the day. I found the why answer. It’s not because we’re less smart or we have a lot of responsibility to undertake. The main reason is because of decision and choice

Most women are nowadays making bold choices in their life. They’ve come to the realization that there is more to life than just the desires at the moment. Let’s take an example of myself. I was so troubled of having a girlfriend. I used to spend the whole day trying to get that killer vibe to nail her, which I did anyway. I’m not saying it’s a bad move. But here is the point, while I’m spending a whole day doing this, she’s spending that time doing some constructive job, maybe making some money. All of us will agree that spending a whole day cracking a woman’s mind isn’t constructive atleast as per now. Now being in campus and without any job. 

Women like money. Even if I have that love, they’ll always say that that can wait. I made my way to the library to observe what was happening. Library is a place to study. But to the contrary, this is nowadays a place to mingle. Majority of male go with a good intention to study, but here comes a problem more so if a hot woman passes by or accupy the next seat. The truth is depending on the kind of male, after this time we tend to be pretentious. Literally we fidget emotionally. We really want to make the move because the society made it that way. 

Women are even becoming more intelligent, their last seen in whatsapp is always private, so that you can’t trace their moves. They have over 100 chats on their chat list and do you think they’re fellow lady friends? NO. They are list of special male friends. All of them do what it takes to make it to the top 5 because that’s the normal number ladies keep up with. 

Men spend a lot of time in the internet, not doing something constructive but searching for nudes and how to’s. This is in contradiction to women, they tend to search for romance novel character they keep fantasying a bout. 

Men used to be smart, but nowadays it’s only a few. Take an example of the era of revolution, almost all the inventions were made by men.In Kenya there have been instances where men are beaten in their own homes. We drink a lot, that is the reason. 

Not all women meet these standards and so are men. I don’t believe in gender supremacy. I believe both sexes are equal. The point is to judge our priorities right, make mind blowing decisions and choose wisely.