I have been struggling with eliminating some people in my life. Do you know these kind of people you don’t want to set your eyes on. Yes those kind of people. I had like a dozen of them. I tried everything without any success. That being said, I got onto a game whose purpose was elimination. Not in a bad way but I really needed concentration and I couldn’t do it with them. Some of you who know me can realize it. Of late I’ve not been posting in the blog and channel. At least now I have time to type. 

And here is how. 

I did a research by going through their whatsapp status, Facebook comments and post, instagram feeds and I for sure got an answer. Majority of people publish their status and comments depending on their state of mind and feeling. I used this in my favour. 

After doing the search and absolutely sure of their state, don’t provoke but just send one text that piss them off, after knowing they’re pissed don’t apologize. Wait for their reaction, if positive send more. 

I used to have 20 ladies in my chat list everyday. For my own good I needed to reduce this number to a manageable level. I didn’t have the guts to tell them because I feared some might get so emotional. So I applied this technique to get rid of some. 

I downloaded some nudes from the web then started sending to those particular ones I wasn’t interested in. You can guess the reaction, if not ask a lady the feeling getting nudes from a person you’ve known only for 2 weeks. The respectable ones had to call me names and that exactly was my mission. But there’s a disclaimer, don’t reply and don’t apologize. I ended up with only 5 girls in my chat list and I can now boldly say that my life is productive again.