Those curious don’t worry

I don’t know what to say friends. To be honest it was one of my this year’s resolution,by then I had only 5 followers. It is because of you..Yes you who is now reading my post.Thank you so much.

It’s because of you that my blog now has over 1000 total WordPress likes. You’ve always enjoyed what I post and it’s because of you that I try my best each day to post the contents you’d like.You have been active in commenting, sharing and reblogging not to forget your tireless corrections you propose in the comment section. I’ve learnt a lot through you. I can write better because of the lessons I got from you. I can never give up because of you and so should you.It is a day to Christmas and I’m pleading with you to make a change for once. Remember those families in the neighborhood who don’t have anything to take for Christmas. Spread happiness and joy by sharing.

Christmas is a season for love. A season to spend time with family and Friends. Spark some warm feelings on your loved ones. Try and see the smiles of those around you. Remember it’s not the time to drink,to ruin your mind and body but to live free and enjoy the moment.

Much love people… Enjoy the melody of Christmas carols, candles, lights and decors.This is not the time for much reading…Go out and enjoy Christmas