“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep it’s mouth shut and just listen for a while”Steve Bannon,Trump advisor

Our initial instincts when a President or a governing body or anyone for that matter tries to silence us is to shout back,as a means of proving we won’t be silenced. But perhaps the carefully,considered response is what we need to resort to,rather than knee-jerk reactions that render us no better than the silencers themselves.

We need to be alarmed,and take action when it pays off. But we are useless if we lose our minds. It’s true journalism(any medium) can no longer perform its primary role in the public sphere:to inform civic discourse. Few years ago,there was a battle over the potential for education to create a basis for political literacy. According to lippmann,information overload made informed judgement impossible for the individual citizens.Dewey added that critical thinking and liberal education is the source of the ability to discern and judge.

The digital sphere can be overwhelming,but the same argument has been made about ink and paper. Critical analysis is the key ,and it can be nurtured if we make the next generation not just digitally literate but also digitally discerning. The signal is getting lost in the noise and the fact is becoming impossible to separate from fiction.

Distraction is a choice on a very personal level. Unless there’s a medical issue,each of us chooses to become distracted. My assumption is,being distracted is first a reaction,but it quickly progresses to be a habit and that habit becomes a way of life(culture) for people. Want to be less distracted,then change the habit.

We cannot blindly  indulge in infotainment and news porn. We are at risk and we have to take our news seriously. We cannot carelessly dilute it. We all need to subscribe to serious news outlets,because news is no longer free. What the government and many blogs supply is not news but propaganda. Kenya need to remind itself that freedom is dependent on the ability to think critically and evaluate risk before we leap.

The media is suppose to be the informative truth not the alternative fact. Today we don’t have true journalist.They all fall into the supreme court defination of commenters or overpaid entertainers.

Distractions is mainly caused by short attention spans,the weakening of critical thinking skills,an avalanche of other day to day preoccupations,the escalation of self absorption tendencies(like taking selfies),group think,lower levels of emotional intelligence and the erosion of civil discourse.

It takes two to tango: producers produce what consumers accept and the consumer of today(us),in most cases,is in blind acceptance mode.