How many of you know this animal called the sheep? Majority of us remember this animal as being the most foolish of the animal kingdom. What about a baby? They are mostly associated with tenderness and forgetfulness. But there is a linear relationship between the two. Both of them never care about the harm in their way. Both forget very easily. Let’s take an instance of a baby, my little brother at home, once in a while my mum would always pinch him in the cheeks because of one or two mistakes. Mum gets worried for a few minutes because of fear of hurting her youngest child, to her amusement, my younger brother would always be the first person to smile for her asking, ‘mum, where is the blue toy gun you promised to give me?’ mum would always smile back and hug him saying, ‘Collins would take you to the store tomorrow to get a new toy gun.’ Enough of my family stories. Let’s now talk about the sheep. I remember one day at my rural home untethering our sheep to graze was so cloudy and I was very sure it would rain in a few hours. An hour later it started raining and bearing in mind that I had untethered the sheep, I knew it would take cover. I got surprised when I saw the sheep sheltering in the rain.

This is how majority of us are, we forget very quickly. Do you remember the topic you were taught on your last lesson last week? Do you even remember the last person you met an hour ago, the colour of their clothes, the shoe they were wearing? If all your answers were positive you will realize so many differences with that other person whose answers were negative. This translates in all facets of our life. We are just some months to election and I can bet the top two candidates come august. Are they the best? No. Have they done anything worth your vote? Political trend in this country is just crazy. If you are keen you will realize that the people we elect once did some crazy stuff in the past. Take a look at the lion and the assistant leading this land and the things they did 10 years ago. What about the leader of the animal kingdom capital and his performance records of the past two companies and the capital itself? Just a few miles from the kingdom capital, we have another little cub, who in the public sphere pretend to be the favourite of the 47 cubs in this pride. 10 years ago he was the spokesperson of the previous kingdom and the role he played in intensifying the conflict then was devastating . 

I know campaigns are looming and majority of us are ready and willing to die for our philosopher kings. I am not against that to the extent of your understanding but I propose an element of rationality in our thinking and elect candidates on the basis of their doing and capability and not on our tribal inclinations and pity. Our aspirants will always tell us what we want to hear and not what they will do or can do. Just remember to ask any aspirant approaching you on the resources they have to make the heaven they are promising a reality. Can we all be smart and participate actively in changing the status quo? Join the movement now and post a picture with the #thecountryineed.