5 undeniable reasons to not vote Uhuru

In 2013 I fell in love with the energy and ambitions our president and deputy president had.If I were eligible to vote ,no doubt Uhuru Kenyatta could have my vote.I was not the only one,the whole world fell in love with Kenya’s Youth president.That’s why we had the largest number of high profile visitors visiting Kenya like the Pope of Catholic church,The president of a free world Barrack Obama and even our president being invited to represent the whole african leaders in the G-7 summit.

Do you know how to spot a pretender or a liar? Remember your childhood ages,for those lucky to have been brought up in a family of two and more.Mum gets home with a packet of milk and a few gifts for her kids,then realizes that sugar has been licked. The guilty kid could always pretend to befriend the mother by being the first to light up the kitchen,smile at mum and help mum in carrying the luggage.This is exactly how our president has been for the past four years,pretending to be good while secretly he’s hiding under a mask.Here are the 5 reasons why President Uhuru Kenyatta doesn’t deserve your vote if you really love this country.

1.He is tribal.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is the only president whose government officials,diplomat and state officers were from only two tribes that’s Kikuyu and Kalenjin according to an independent audit done on his appointment.He is the only president who appoints officials on the basis of their last name as illustrated in his campaign in kisii where he was telling the residents how Maraga’s appointment was a favor to Gusii community. In his campaigns,he specifically isolated Kamba community from his agenda by telling them that their votes don’t matter or count.

2. He lacks EQ(Emotional Intelligence).

If you remember Jack Ma’s key note speech at the university of Nairobi. He emphasized EQ(Emotional Intelligence) as being a key quality in leadership.How a leader balances and controls his emotions is very important.Our president doesn’t have this quality at all.He doesn’t qualify to lead as the next president of this great Nation kenya. Personal attacks has been the main agenda in his leadership,starting with his attack on Kamba chiefs,followed by his encounter with Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and his recent attack on Chief Justice David Maraga.

3. He hates the judiciary.
Judiciary is one of the arms of government.The government is like a body which requires all it’s parts to operate.Just like our body,we can’t walk without our legs and so is eating without our mouths.The government can’t work without the Judiciary.Disrespect is a little word to describe Uhuru’s feeling to this arm of government.A leader who doesn’t support an independent and fair judicial system should be regarded as an outcast of this Nation.His criticism and threats to the supreme court judges isn’t the first one,remember his government attacking Judge odunga just slightly before elections.

4. He is corrupt.
He’s the president with the majority of corruption scandals in the history of Kenya’s president from the NYS to the recent tetenus vaccine.Remember also the maize saga from mexico and the Euro Bond illusion. His government was also connected to the lang’ata road primary land grabbing which took the intervention of the former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero to be solved.

5. He is an underachiever

You remember his campaigns in 2013,He promised pupils free education while they pay stationery fees,exam fees,uniform fees…how free is free education.He also promised laptops which was never delivered.He promised better healthcare services while people are dying of cholera.He promised to raise the country’s economy while in reality,he shrinked it,our country is now swimming in debt.I wonder how the next president will survive
He’s a lying president.

My people perish because of lack of information,now you have every reason to make the wisest choice.Be free to add any failures in his government at the comments section below.Comment also on his successes..


Progress For a better change

What is progress? Do you feel scared at this word? If your answer is negative then definitely you are missing the real meaning of progress.I don’t mean now you rush to your dictionary to look it’s meaning up or open your browser to google it’s meaning. Progress is simply a positive change from who you were the past 30 seconds to who you’re now.Did you reflect the person you were 30 seconds ago? Good job.Did you notice any positive change? If not then this article is for you.

In every ten people ,8 are always complaining either about themselves or others or situations around then.What most people don’t understand is that in any form of complaints,there’s always a better solution preprogrammed in your mind.If I complain about my bad lecturer,I always have a better choice in mind.The same applies to food or that irritating fellow in your organization or class.Only until you’re willing to follow the better option in mind,then you’re not progressing.

I have this friend,Joe,He keeps complaining about how much tribalism is tearing the country apart.How much our country would look like were it not for tribalism.He fantasizes about the unity that could be holding communities together.The strong bond of brotherhood that could be reigning amongst us.How beautiful Turkana could be just as beautiful as Nairobi city.How much youths in Busia could be just as creative as youths in Nairobi. For your information,this is very possible.Joe is a very good friend and I love him for that,but here is where we disagree.Everytime I ask Joe the kind of girl he’ll marry,then he could give me a thousand reasons why he would not marry a woman from a particular tribe with no reason at all of marrying a girl from the opposite tribe or community. Joe could always give me a bunch of reasons why a particular course of action was not possible.He has never gave me one positive reason why something is possible.

There are so many people just like Joe,who will always tell you that getting rid of tribalism is not possible at all,why we can’t get rid of poor leadership in this country.When we keep using the word can’t,then we will never progress.Until we adopt the culture of positivity in our reasoning that’s the time we start making progress as a country.This doesn’t mean that we should always start big,No.You should start right where you’re.Be bold enough to express yourself,you never know whether that idea you’re hiding could just be the next idea in Lion’s Den or Shark tank.

Progress is only possible when we starting valuing the small things as being huge.When we start giving courtesy a priority,when we start giving women and youths opportunity,when we start cherishing integrity in our daily lives.When honesty is more valued than punishment.When skills are more regarded in our schools than just grades.

We only progress when we reason on the basis of ideas and not on self interest or emotions. We progress when we stop judging others based on their political affiliation,or their last names or the faith they posses or even the region they come from. We only progress when we adopt a believe system that we are Kenyans living in a beautiful house,kenya.

When we show progress in our lifestyle,positive change is inevitable. Then shall we have peaceful electoral process,then shall we have equitable sharing of national cake,then shall we have good leaders and employees,then shall we have a booming economy,then shall we have a fair justice system and then shall kenya be an envy of other african countries.

Kenyans Awakened Hope

I have been holding tears of pain inside my heart,looking at the country that my kids will grow up in and empathizing.For a long time,I just looked and couldn’t do nothing but I kept a strong hope that one day things will change. I got so blinded,I kept watching documentaries about other countries and to be honest I fancied their lifestyle.The freedom they were all having.Seeing a helpless kid being able to pursue her dream to reality. And I could pause and smile and say to myself that one day my country would exactly be like that.

I had this strong passion that kept inspiring me that just keep calm,God is always watching and He knows what goes on in your heart.His timing is always Good.I believed that a change in heart can make the impossible possible.

About a decade ago,I saw people die not because they were willing but because our leaders made them do so.I was eleven by then,just a tiny kid except with mind blowing ideas.I remember asking my mum why that woman on Tv had to be killed. She looked at me helplessly and said,”Son,one day you’ll grow old to understand.” I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.There’s nothing I could do,but I had hope.A hope that still pushes me till today.I believed and I still do.The dream I had as a small kid still holds dear to me and one day It will be a reality.

I have grown old now and from what happened four years ago,though an improvement on the previous,still wasn’t fair.I go to school and witness the passion every student puts in their dream all with a believe and a hope that one way or another their dream will be a reality. I followed the court proceeding then;from day one to the last and heard the final verdict and I knew this was the worst form of injustice ever done.Though,I was a little grown,I was almost joining campus,I could now see clearly.I got an opportunity to meet our member of Parliament then and asked him why is it that everybody is okay with the system.He replied,”Join politics and you’ll understand that politics is about playing along.”

I held my thought and now it’s four years down the line and it’s 2017…a year of restoration…as my new year’s celebration preacher framed it.It sounded a joke then,but clearly he had a longer vision.It’s the year that I can say I’ve met and interacted with lots of senior politicians and to some extent I’m getting to understand how the game is played.Do I want to join politics?No,but I’m willing to work behind the scenes but not on the same playground as it has been for decades.I can remember one aspirants saying quote by quote that “those women..Youths…men…i understand they are hopeless ..And what I do to win is to sell hope to them…”I got hurt by that and it’s at that point I withdrawn my support and thanks to God he never won the seat.

I’ve followed keenly what has been trending and the street talks since the official presidential election results were announced.Kenyans were hurt ,some were strong enough and held their emotions while others couldn’t,and in so doing they headed to the streets to express their unsatisafaction.I knew that for those who were strong,one day the emotions will be too much and it will burst out.I knew if something isn’t done to quench this anger then in the near future our country would be ripped apart. I saw police shooting innocent people calling them looters.But do I blame them? No.They are just our dad’s and mum’s who are doing their best to provide. And when you understand you don’t have any other place to go;it takes even licking boss’s ass just to keep the job.But I respect the work they’re doing.

Our leaders came out and told supporters to calm down.That they can never win when they fight against men in uniform.So they opted for a constitutional and less dangerous way.They decided to go to court and we as patriot kenyans allowed the law take it’s way.Kenyans and politicians kept calm as the proceedings went underway. It came at a point where majority of citizens don’t trust the court system-The judiciary.Justice Maraga prior to election came out strong before kenyans and assured them of justice and fairness at all time,he even went ahead and singled out the former prime minister Raila Odinga and the incumbent president uhuru Kenyatta to keep off the judiciary and he won’t watch his judges being intimidated by politicians.

Many kenyans and I included never believed him,I thought he was just like his predecessors. Trust me a huge portion of the Kenyan population had no trust at all in the choice of NASA going to court.We were used to keeping the status quo. Our thinking had been conformed to the old thinking that money talks everywhere.But following the verdict that His lordships Justice David Maraga gave today morning at the supreme court,I felt hopeful of my country and I’ve never been more hopeful than I was today.I saw tears of joy in many kenyans.I saw happiness in many Kenyan’s faces.I saw an MP literally crying out of joy.I saw the Former prime minister laugh.I saw senior counsel Orengo being hugged by Raila.I saw joy countrywide.I saw hope.

If only all our commissions could follow Justice Maraga’s example then no doubt kenya will be flying on top of the clouds.Kenya could quickly be a first world and Kenya could not be a nation anymore but a family;where Onyango doesn’t view Macharia as a competitor but a brother,where Koech doesn’t see the name Barasa as luhya but as a Kenyan,where Nyambura sees CHEROP as an entrepreneur and not an athlete.A kenya where a samburu can be the CEO and A turkana be a chairman in the coastal or central region.A kenya where wanjiru and Otieno can intermarry without their parents seeing them as outcasts.A kenyan where Raila and Uhuru could join hands as brothers and table their plans on bettering kenya on a live Television. A kenya where girls in Nairobi view girls in Pokot as their equal.A kenya where the name Mohammed is Kenyan and not islam.A Kenya where we battle on the basis of our ideas and not on where we come from or what’s our last name.A kenya where christians view muslim brothers as being worthy of love as ourselves and not as terrorists.His Lordship Justice David Maraga has set pace and the ball is now rolling.Join the Change too.Be different.Start now.May God bless you Justice Maraga.May God bless you who’s reading and May God bless kenya.

Cola Braised pork

Cola Braised Pork

TIME:1 hour 30 minutes

PREP TIME:20 minutes


There’s no lard needed in this healthier version of traditional Mexican carnitas. It’s also sweeter and more caramelized tasting because of the cola. Best of all? It can be made with minimal effort for a very easy weeknight dinner.

Technique tip:

Make sure the cooking liquid doesn’t dry out. Add more water if needed


1½ pounds fatty pork shoulder, cut into 4 pieces 1 tablespoon garlic powder Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 cup cola, preferably Coca-Cola 1/2 cup water 2 dried bay leaves 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1 sprig fresh tarragon Warmed corn tortillas, for serving 1/2 cup chopped onion, for serving 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro, for serving 1/2 cup thinly sliced radishes, for serving Lime wedges, for serving Salsa verde, for serving Preparation

1. Season the pork heavily on both sides with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Transfer to a heavy Dutch oven, making sure the pan is small, so the pork fits snugly (this will help prevent meat from drying out).

2. Add the cola and water to the pot and bring to a boil. Then, decrease the heat to maintain a simmer. Add the bay leave, thyme and tarragon, cover and simmer until the pork is tender, about 1½ hours (the cola will caramelize and the liquid will evaporate when finished).

3. Transfer the cooked pork to a cutting board. Discard the bay leaves, thyme and tarragon. Then, using two forks, shred the meat into 2-inch long pieces.

4. Serve with the warmed corn tortillas, chopped onion, chopped cilantro, sliced radishes, lime wedges and salsa.

Accept and move on

Imagine a rapist rapping your girlfriend on your watch,a burglar breaking into your house on your watch,a victim bleeding to death on your watch,a gang robbing a bank on your watch and a conductor refusing to give you change on your watch. In all these instances; you can move on but never will you accept the experience.One sunday afternoon in the streets of Nairobi,Tom mboya to be specific,I encountered a group of young men.One was holding a syringe containing blood and the others we giving a big brother look signalling all was well.The young guy said,”the syringe I’m holding contain HIV positive blood sample, I know you’re a bright young man with a brighter future ahead.I’m not willing to shorten it.But trust me if you don’t do what I say,I’ll inject this syringe into your body..And ..Boom..You’ll be HIV positive..And imagine what your friends will think of you.” After a long period of pleading, I realized I never had much of an option left.I never wanted to be HIV positive not to mention the stigmatization that comes along with the disease.By coercion,I ended up giving the a thousand shillings I had and my brand new phone that I had just bought a day before. It wasn’t a very good occasion for a campus student who was trying to fit in.No phone meant no social media and no money meant no going back to school and no food.I went to railways bus stop and explained my experience to the first ,second…until the tenth,that’s the one that believed me and gave me a free ride to school.I don’t know your story but that’s mine. Was it easy?No…Was there anything I could do about it?Yes..There’s is always something you can do but I wasn’t willing to take the risk.I could’ve bumped into tuskys bebabeba or any of the many hotels along the street.Did I move on?Yes I did but to this date,I’ve never accepted what happened to me and over my dead body if I could be a judge I could send those five men to rot in kamiti prison all their lives. This experience made me understand the NASA co-principal’s situation.With all the Governors sworn in and the cries from the international community to local politicians that he should accept and move on;many don’t understand the feelings of his die hard supporters and him as an individual.With just a day to the start of supreme court hearing,all kenyans are eyeing on him anticipating his move if at all the supreme court will rule against him.He has made petitions thrice in his political career.The first one was in 2007 against mwai kibaki in which in my person opinion was an open rigging,the second one was in 2013 and this is now the last one.The former prime minister has never been lucky in all of the first two petitions with kenyans eagerly awaiting the ruling on this final petition. According to PLO Lumumba,the forest may change but the monkeys in it are still the same.Our country may change but the leaders in it are still the very leaders we had a few years ago. Irrespective of the supreme court ruling,our leaders still remain the same.NASA’S petition is highly unlikely to go in their favour but have they really exhausted all avenues? Most probably,because supreme courts decision is final. Just like in my experience that personally was the worst form of injustice with nothing I could do.Raila’s case is the same expect with an exception of “nothing I could do” part as he had justice department he has turned to.As mombasa Governor Hassan joho puts it “claim what’s rightfully yours.” The NASA fraternity believe that the presidency is rightfully theirs following their claim that president uhuru Kenyatta and a few Governors were computer generated. That being said,I’m of the opinion that pressure shouldn’t be mounted on the NASA flag bearer Raila to “Accept and move on” but on the supreme court to promote justice in its ruling by taking into account all evidences presented before it and also fostering preffessional competency and accountability among it’s judges. If they place transparency above any other thing in the ruling then definitely no party would raise complaints and in so doing kenyans will not only move on but also accept the outcome. Moving on campaign isn’t going to better kenya but contain hatred in secret corners of people’s heart and one day when the heart will get overwhelmed the hatred will just burst out and no one ,not even the government will be able to contain it.Even though many kenyans have moved on,only a few have accepted the election outcome.We keep using the phrase “put kenya first” which literally means “put a person first” that’s the president and his government not forgeting the MP’s and Governors. Until that day politicians will understand the kenyans interpretation of kenya first,then,will we be able to move on.