A perfect mono date

So intrigued!Super excited! Woo.…This place is fancy! It’s KFC kimathi street.
“Can i help you, sir?”Gorgeous waitress distract my sweet monologue
With a smile,‘yes miss,kindly bring a six piecer, two glasses of cocktail and as usual some dessert’
She rushes to the ground floor and in a matter of seconds the meal is delivered in a tray.
“Just curious,when is she arriving?” she inquires.
“well..why so madam” I replied
“we have special give aways for couples”she answered.
“Well…I appreciate the gesture but am here on a totally different mission” I replied.
“Enjoy your time sir” She said while leaving my table to attend to the next customer.

First things first, free isn’t always free. That’s what I have learnt of late. By all means flee from anything that brands itself free. Still curious about the title. Well ..this is a single date ..I mean a date between me and I. I have lived my whole life taking ladies for dates; asking them questions that I have never taken time to ask myself.
Okay, I enters the building smiling and takes the opposite seat to me.
‘Hope I haven’t kept you waiting’ I said.
‘‘Not really…we arrived here all at the same time only that you were still kept busy by the beautiful waitress ’’ me replied.
“okay,well..am glad you did made it anyway”me continue.
“I like the selection though. It matches my taste.”I interjected.

Me was funny all the time,I kept laughing and the trend went on for an hour. A deep silence fell in between us,the kind I only experienced the last time I was in the cinema.
‘‘what?” I asked.
Me kept silent.
I,reminded,me,that there was no kissing scene being acted and it was just a date.
But that didn’t stop me.Me persistent with his silence. Then me starts looking at me in the eye and asks with a sorrow that I relate with my first ever break up “What type of person are you?”
I didn’t see that coming but now I have to answer

“Well..am a dreamer and a reader. I spend a junk of time reading books. Am one person who believes that no matter how bad the world is trying to make you unworthy,believe and with confidence tell it that its my opportunity to shine…..Moreover,I love God because He does wonders in my life.I like honesty and I believe that trust is the thin line that distinguishes friendship and intimacy.”

Me kept following with a nod, ‘That said,where do i fall?’
‘‘ I will be honest, for a long time you’ve been my friend but today you’ve earned your place in the intimacy zone by asking me that question.I have always lied and pretended everytime not only about my identify but also about my ambitions. ’’
“Thank you very much for being frank with me and me(I) as well promises the same.”
We took a break from the serious and spent a few moments cracking jokes at one another. Laughter flooded my whole body and the level of excitement was skyrocketing in my nerves.
Me continued, “What do you want out of your life?”
‘‘ whats up with all this questions me…why dont we just have fun.’’ I replied
“ it’s very necessary for our future relationship. Be Frank with me as much as possible ” Me emphasised.
“mmmh…There are so many things i want out of life” I replied.
“ A little more specific,mate”Me elaborated

“ I want to be successful…I want to pioneer and be the change I need around me.I want to live a happy fulfilling life full of excitement. I want a happy, God fearing family with two children:A girl and a boy. I want to be thankful everyday and above all to be my biggest,mostest powerful self.”

‘‘ Well done! Let’s never forget that we have a life we need to live every click of the clock.’’
‘‘ Before we proceed to the next activity I have one and last question ’’
“Go on..we have all the time in the world.” I responded with a big smile. I was enjoying this kind of question not matter how scary they may sound.
“Well..Thank you so much for your genuine interest.What do you consider very important to you ..atleast 3.”

‘‘ A lot actually …Definitely my God comes first, then my life (from how happy I feel to how i handle my worst of moments)and family then to conclude the list my career.’’ I replied;though I could write an essay in answer to that question.

“Bingo!Good job in reward lets go shopping at the mall to mark this date”
Perfect ideas.I left the building full of smile and happiness.

Play an active role in this beautiful world full of happiness and opportunities. Start by going on a mono date. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy restaurant; it could be under a tree or even in the comfy of your bed. Shine!!

Thanks for reading.


What would life be without Mum?

Many times I get lost in deep sweet memories and it’s in one of these moment that I got stroke really hard by this question. I began a moment of reflection dating back in my lower primary years till now that am remaining with only a semester to clear campus:A feeling that’s sweet and scary at the same time.

If mum never existed then definitely I could not be around but that isn’t the question of contemplation. Am bringing to light the role mum plays in my life. She’s the reason why am the person I am today and I pray to God that I never get guts to talk at her or disobey her.

While in lower primary, mum used to cane me very much at literally any kind of misbehavior from playing football after normal school hours to keeping bad company. I hated her with a passion then, it’s only today that am getting hit by deep reality that she was actually helping me. This is after I took a short examination of the kind of life those friends are leading and I feel sorry for them. I’d just fall in tears if mum didn’t do that. Had she kept me in my comfort zones;then that’s the pathetic hopeless life I’d be leading.

I remember then mum forgoing lunch just for me to get tuition and exams fees and the sad part was this Christmas when Dad was extremely sick. That Christmas we took porridge and dad was brought for food by a church member whose nephew happen to be in the same university as I am. Mum has struggled with me all the way.

She’s not only prayerful but industrious and indeed she made me a believer because her God works. I went to Cardinal otunga and we were paying 60k for school fees. Well…until today I don’t understand how I managed my studies for 4 years without being sent home even for a single day. She’s in cereal business,the name sounds fancy, but those who have spent time in the village understand how this business is. She didn’t have much education as I have but she’s smarter than me. Am unable to figure out how even to get cash for my lunch something that’s pretty easy for her.

Now am in campus and am always moved by the suffering mum undergoes for me to be in school. I’d sometimes make weekly calls to know how she’s doing. I can only imagine the stress she undergoes at the sight of my call;with questions like how much is in need this time? Is he okay?Does he have enough to keep him in school? Probably going on in her mind. We are 4 siblings all placing their hopes in that one mum who never gives up, who will always find time to pray for us even if we can’t find time ourselves.

There are so many mums out there like my mother and we are the cause of their “deaths” Imagine what you would do after undergoing all that agony only to realize that your child spent all the school fees you’ve been sending on women, drugs or even sportpesa. It hurst. And if you have a mum like my mum try as much as you can to give her hopes,show as much love as you can. Don’t start despising her or even looking down upon her. Understand she’s your mother;she always mean well for you. Never ever allow her cry because of the pain you bring. Though sometimes they’ll be wrong just act like you’re in agreement.

We are heroes of our own mothers. We can only make them proud by leading perfect lives. Even if your mum isn’t with you, just make her happy by being successful, she’ll be smiling somewhere and between we never get seperated from our mothers. They forever occupy special spaces in our hearts. Live your life productively with God at the centre.

Why young people should be interested in politics

Well, I have grown up hating politics. Not only the assassination part but also the unfairness that comes with winning. I was raised up believing that politics is a dirty game and when I took a vague look at our politicians -their life wasn’t that glamorous. Majority looked older and unfit and I was just curious where they spend all the money they squander.
It has been 15 years now and am learning a lot in the field of politics. I had a thin perspective of politics then. I took politics as election campaigns done by our politicians.

As Barack Obama puts it, ‘young people should be equally interested in politics just as old foxes’

His words led me to find out more and I realized that we as young people in 3 to 10 years we will be those politicians we don’t like. You’ll be running for president or even gubernatorial seat of your county. If we need a better nation we ought to develop genuine interest in political arena.

Lemme use my family as an example. Am the eldest child. All my youngsters are very keen on how I interact with mum and dad. They are keen on my friends and even on my social media post. But do I have to live a fake life just because they are watching? No.I try my best to be the best me-have the best characters and behaviors.

Just like being a first born a single child, politics involved so much than just an outstanding reputation, it goes way further to our inner character. It affects our education, our relationship with other communities, our happiness,our businesses…the list is endless. We are past election periods and look at the impact that has done: people dying, lectures and teachers striking, doctors striking, our soldiers getting butchered. All these ought not to have happen if we had responsible politicians who fall in the category of leadership. You won’t be living hating your neighbor and you’d be getting an education that enables you get employed after you’re done.

If we young people are to start a revolution, we have to master the art of good leadership that translates to a serene political environment. We have to understand that politics is a part of our life just as our girlfriends and families. We have to care of what is becoming of our future. We have to understand that if we fail to Polish ourselves for these positions then we’ll be experiencing even a worse political environment.

We apply politics in every corner of our life: in our families, on how we choose friends and even those we decide to interact with on our daily undertakings.How do we get to be passionate? Well..simple…we just have to follow and actively participate. Your opinion or view count.

Am a media student and I understand there’s much politics going on in our media organisation in terms of which story gets to be first on prime time news or even make headline on daily newspapers. It’s not in media alone but also where you work or stay or even relax.

I’d urge you to take an important step in reexaminining the values you hold dear whether they contribute towards building character or reputation. Only good character can make us have a good political environment.

We Both Have Feminine and Masculine Energy.

I was raised up with a believe that man should always be tough. A man was not suppose to show any kind of weakness. A man was suppose to enjoy the pain. In my teenage years, the role shifted from my community to the media. The media taught me a lot of the expectation of both male and female more or less the same as those I learnt in my early childhood years. Am now 21 and I wonder what is wrong with this world.

I have friends who find it difficult to express their feelings to ladies. Out of the 10 girls I studied with in primary school only one have been able to trace and is in the same level of studies as I am though a year behind;all the rest are either pregnant or married. Is the fault theirs? No. It is their upbringing. They got raised up with a particular set of believes most of which you have to really work to overcome.

The facts still stand in campus. We have few ladies who prefer technical courses. Ladies are not willing to handle the technical stuff. Like in my faculty, most want to be anchors(Television presenters ). Even in our job market, from America the most powerful nation to Kenya,seldom will you find brave women to contest political offices. There are countable female directors in the whole world and less than 7 female presidents out of over 190 countries. We’ve never had a female president in our 7 key universities.

It’s not only girls but guys also have their own struggle. Did you know many guys die out of stress because they don’t have anyone to open upto. Unlike ladies who easily open up to one another, guys will rarely do that. Guys we raised up believing that they’re tough. It isn’t true. There is no weakness in being able to express yourself.

Ever asked yourself why the question of true love existence has been a question of contemplation for over a half a century now? Yes, simple. Because a lot of people are not able to face true love, it’s scary. It requires a massive amount of energy. That’s why people settle in arrangements and a lot of hit and run instances in campus. There’s a famous quote nowadays trending that “looking for a virgin in campus is like looking for a piece of needle in a hay sac” its not entirely possible but it requires the patience of an angel.

Is this something we can’t change? No. Both male and female have to get an understanding that we both have masculine and feminine energy within us. What does that mean? It means don’t be scared of what the other gender can do. If a male can be a president, then a female can equally be one. If a lady can own an iconic beauty parlor then a guy can as well own the same.

Achieving this is only possible if we men are taught to be emotional and empathetic. If we learn that not all the times we should control which will afford women an opportunity to try some of the things we do. Women won’t have to submit to us if we don’t have to control. Men will also be open to expressing themselves if women understand that it’s right for men to feel. I know it’s mandatory for women to submit in the bible. I surely am that God did not mean being a slave to satisfying male desires.

Are you willing to travel the road less travelled? Are you willing to move forward even if you feels alone?

As Emma Watson puts it,“There would have been no generation without men and women.” let’s work hand in hand toward empowering each other. Don’t wait for a union or an activist but take the lead among your family and friends.

Dating is a game of slavery

My friends and I late last year started dating. We started at basically the same time. The eldest of us was the last to date and the youngest was kind of the first to have a girlfriend. I have not only been keen of our trio friendship but also of how it has changed since we got girlfriends. Before we used to hangout out a lot, text alot and spend alot of time together. We could exchange advices on how to build a grand Mega reality. We talked of buying fancy cars and not to mention of trio wedding 8 years from now. How we will be renting neighborhood apartments and move to suburb at 45 to settle with our families and parents. Actually we had swore that the most a person could have was three kids.It felt fulfilling and good till a new reality unfolded.

Well I was the youngest and A was the eldest of us all but let me not forget M who kind of started dating because of the pressure from us.A to a reasonable extent have managed to balance her relationship life with our friendship life. Despite having a girlfriend he can once in a week give me a call just to remind me of the beautiful ideas we used to discuss before we started this wonderful world of dating and infact he insists of a physical meet now and again.
“Having a girlfriend is a blessing to me.” He asserts.”She not only brings out the part of me that I never realized before but also makes me feel more like the luckiest man on earth” A continues. And deep inside I say to myself that I’d kill to have a girl like that. Not at one point as she ever cheated on him and the most interesting part was that this girl was still a virgin at 20…yeah true story.I know that caught you with a lot of surprise but trust me there are still lots of beautiful girls out there both inside and out. They talk about their specific day of key events on their relationship like when they’ll get married, where they’ll spend their honeymoon and one of the craziest was the first time they’ll have sex.
What? Iasked A. “You mean all this time you haven’t like tried it out? ” and he’ll go like bro easy …that doesn’t make someone less of a man between it makes you an extra ordinary man. I’ll go like you’re right bro but deep within am battling my feeling on how damn this guy is until he adds something. ” Well..I know it’s a lot of stuff to take in but if only you understand how powerful this act is,then you’ll for sure be willing to make it ceremonious..for me..it’s on that day she’ll say I do.” Jeeez!!that perfectly sank in.
To my other friend, M,who cuts in between the two of us. He was very ambitious right from day one in campus till last semester,the conclusion of our third year. He nowadays objects every positive suggestion from us and he kind of has kept his distance. He’s the perfect defination of dating being a slavery. He forgot about his old friends. His life is always his girlfriend. Well, there’s is nothing bad in being with your girlfriend 100% of the time but it kind of makes you a slave to her. A real guy has to have other useful activities going on in his life. He should provide a sense of direction to the girl not the other way round. The moment you start forgetting about everything in your life and your make your life about your partner that’s the very moment the rain is beating you as my favourite lecture Mr.Maina puts it.
I don’t feel my friend, M, is the only one but many of us. Well unlike A I don’t know what goes on in M’s life since he started dating. He barely spend time with us even a simple text from him is like waiting for rain in Sahara desert. What he forgets is the desperation you can never hide when one looks at you straight in the eye. I have this feeling that M is working very hard to be a perfect guy but he’s totally lost truck. His pocket money Is always split into two.
His girlfriend is a master of playing needy. Why sacrifice your beautifully given life for the sake of a stranger who to be honest isn’t adding any value in your life.
A lady’s life should just go on just as your life even at the point of dating. She should keep her former friends and continue building new ones.
One of my girl friends recommended a very good book to me on the commencement of this week – the monk who sold his ferari. In the book they say true satisfaction isn’t in possessing all the world can provide materially but in having a happy fulfilling life.
Is your dating giving you a happy fulfilling life or are you dating because your friends are dating. There’s never a rush, the right girl/guy is out there waiting for you.
Just like traveling, dating should always be out of passion. It should be a fuel that drives you in your everyday activity.

Best Affordable Christmas gifts

Christmas is a season for giving and sharing love and nothing feels as good as getting the best gift for your loved ones. This could be your mum,dad,brother, sister,boyfriend or girlfriend. For lovers of travelling, I’d recommend an adventure to nowhere but for those who just want to have a nice time during holiday, these are the best gifts to give to kindle some sparks on your loved ones:

1.Something they genuinely desire.
There’s no magic,the only way out of it is to ask them what they desire most in their lives. It could be a Jewellery or a watch or a flower or just some wonderful time. This is definitely the best gift you’ll ever give.

Yes,Love.People may act like they’ve got it all figured out but there’s nothing as heartbreaking as a person with everything without love. Everyone needs to be loved even those not worthy of it. Love is a better gift than even a gold watch. Surprise that special someone with pure love without anything on their end.

3.Mutual Admiration.
Closer to love but not similar. This is genuinely getting interested in what your loved one is doing and giving them full support. It could be cooking or playing or even their job or school work and showing them full support. Show them how much they inspire you through the activity they do.

Ooh yeah,I know deep inside you’ll be saying -what change does it make? And to answer I’ll say-it changes everything. Well people feel special when they get appreciate for something they did or they are doing. Just a pass a note appreciating someone for something you honesty admire or like about them.

This reminds me of the recent Christmas movie I watched-The best Christmas present…At the end, it turned out the best Christmas present was the person.Just you being there for that special someone is enough. Put your phone aside and give the person your full attention. Smile at them and make them believe they’re everything in your life.

6.Act of service.
Volunteer and do to them something you’ve never done to them before. Leave them wondering where that came from.

7.Happy times.
Compile an episode of the best moments of their time during the year and make them a short movie or a slideshow for example what Facebook does to it’s users.

8. Singing out loud.
This works out when you’re a terrible Singer. It will be so joyous seeing that effort. It will be funny but you shall have made their day. If you’re a pro,good for you. This is one of the perfect moments a loved one would like to experience.

9.A Box.
Everyone looks forward to boxing day after Christmas. Have something for them in the box like a book or a watch or even a fully grown Teddy bear. I look forward to this date and you should surely do.

10. Random customized cards or texts or phone calls.
Worth a try definitely. Thank me later.

Comment some of the gifts you’re planning to give this Christmas and remember there’s a Christmas gifts for active followers. Just like,comment and share if you find the posts interesting. Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018.

Bucket list

Bungee jumping-

This is something I have always thought to be totally crazy, but I still want to do it! What is wrong with me? Nothing. I just love the adrenaline, to push myself to the limits. Just because..

2.Sky diving.
For adrenaline purposes, and to have an aerial view of the earth from 10,000 feet in the skies.

3.Start a children’s home.
I love children, some I know can get to your last nerves but kids are basically the most genuine little creatures on earth. I would love to give abandoned or orphaned kids a chance to grow in an environment of love.

4.Pay school fees for needy kids.So many kids lose out on great opportunities in life because they lack education which is the greatest equalizer of mankind. I would want to be able to give atleast one kid a chance to have an education.

5.Go on a cruise.
The experience is one I would love to have. It has to be in one of those big ships that have a swimming pool, games, concerts, jacuzzi and all that entertainment stuff going on.

6.Climb Mt Kenya and Mt Kilimanjaro.
Am yet to climb any major mountain (Only been to Mt Longonot) and its just fulfilling to climb at least these two to begin with. Its also good for the body and soul.

7.Tour 80 countries.
If I could I would travel the world but because that’s a bit hard for now considering finances and all, lets work with 80 countries for now. There is just something that traveling, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people does to you that a lifetime of schooling cannot teach you.

8.Do farming.
I have always wanted to have a farm where I grow crops and keep livestock, have a ranch where I can go rest in the grass and listen to the birds. Watch my kids play in the field and watch the cows come back home from grazing. Thats where I would want to retire to.

9.Start a business.
I have been thinking about this for the last 5 years but am yet to establish what business this will be but in due time.

10.Swim with the dolphins.
I have heard and read so many good stories about dolphins I want to experience them first hand.

11.Learn to play 3 musical instruments.
I Love how instrumentalists play those keys and strings. I would want to work those instruments like a pro coupled by the fact that I love music.I started with guitar but things didn’t work out but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

12.Visit Eiffel Tower.
Yes there’s a difference between travelling france1abd going to Eiffel.it awakens love, the kind of love that you only experienced if you fell in love in your teen years.

13.Mentor young girls
I am all about women empowerment, it warms my heart to see girls who become responsible and ambitious women who know who they are, love themselves and go for what they want in life. Be it at work, in a love relationship or in the society. And at the same time be feminine and not compete with the men.

14.Learn 2 foreign languages
Its just a good feeling to learn and speak a foreign language. I have started french and Spanish and trust me the experience is woow!!!

15.Fly in a hot air balloon.
Adrenaline things, and the view of course.I have seen images of these in Japan and China.

16.Plant 100 trees.
Was inspired by this quote,The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

17.Have a romantic dinner at the ocean or lake.
The breeze,the sight, the feeling.

18.Learn how to bake cake from scratch.
I must confess that I cant bake cake but I hope to learn someday. My last attempt was fatal.And between guys,ladies love you more if you are a good chef.

19.See and play in the snow. Am yet to see and touch snow. Looking forward to it..probably in Iceland.

20.Wild water rafting
Adrenaline rush and screaming at the top of my voice is what is likely to happen when I finally take on this adventure.I am eagerly waiting for it.

21.Cliff dive into an ocean.
Just like bungee I want to feel the adrenaline rush and do it just because…

22.Go to Zanzibar for holiday.
A Beautiful place, why would I not want to experience it!

23.Live in a tree house.
Looks cool, feels good, nature is beautiful.YEAAH.

24.Dance in the rain.
Did this as a kid, need to do it as an adult.That would be funny but interesting.

25.Learn professional Salsa/Kizomba.
I want to learn how to shake and move my body like a pro. How do those guys do it so well and nobody falls or at least they don’t show us when they do?I’ll definitely do this with the lucky girl for my wedding.

26.Teach Sunday school.
There is something fulfilling about impacting knowledge and teaching kids new things.

27.Drive without a destination.
Fuel full tank and carry a change of clothes to nowhere in particular for a few days. Wouldn’t it be fun?Especially a road to nowhere,a place like a Sahara desert.

28.Meet the former president of the united states,Barrack Obama.
This guy is a great inspiration in my life.All the odds he beat to be what he is really motivates me and meeting him would just be a dream come true.

29.Own a motorbike(Ducatti)
Looks so cool! and with this Nairobi traffic, I would accomplish so much while the rest of y’ll are packed on the highways. Always loved bikers 😉

30.Own a pet.
That would most likely be a dog.I have a dog that survives on its own in its kennel out of the house. But I need one that is super clean and can live in the house with me.

31.Go to the Maldives Island.
Because its big and beautiful and famous.The floating bungalows.

32.Make a movie.
I have directed a 10 minute movie in campus, I Pray to do a more professional one in future.

33.Go to Disney land.
The child inside of me keeps popping out quite so often. It’s in New York.

34.Build my Parents a house.
One of those things that every boy wants to do for their dearest parents.

35.Go to Hawaii for a family vacation.
I will take my family on a vacation to Hawaii or Mauritius some day.

36.Write my biography.
Yes, am serious. My life is so worth documenting I promise, you will learn why when am done.

37.Surprise someone special.
I would love to give a major surprise to somebody special someday..

38.Volunteer in a children’s facility.
I already do this, just need to maintain and give more hours over time.

39.Help a stranger.
I just want to help a stranger in a big way and not expect anything in return

40.Learn martial arts.
To protect myself from petty thieves and bullies. Just need to scare them a bit with my commando moves and they back off. Am lucky I have a friend who does this already.

41.Pack my bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary. For the fun of it and to bond with self.

42.Fly in a helicopter.I love been up high in the skies and of course the view

43.Learn sign language
I would love to communicate with people who are deaf and dumb without them having to scribble somewhere. I know quite a number of them.

44.Have my dream home
Cant wait to own my dream home some day

45.Own a BMW X7 and drive a Mercedes maybach convertible two seater.
To start with, I realized that I have a desperate urge for german machines.That explains the desire to own a maybach.

46. Host a TV Show.I have always wanted to be a TV anchor since I can remember, a dream that is in the offing as I write this…

Share with me some of the items in your bucket list and you could be a winner of Kshs 1000 this Christmas. All you need to win is like this post and comment atleast 3 countries I have hinted in this post.