What you’re missing in the tribal Narrative.

Hello, During these cold seasons, I can’t think more of what kenya asks of us than to step up and protect it. I believe for us to know where we are going as a country, we must first understand where we have come from. Our grandparents did a very good job in getting us independence, their children, our fathers have done a very good job in diving us ;making us hate one another. Our generation must do something in writing a new chapter of Kenyans history. Many of our age mates(South Korea, Singapore, India, Egypt, South Africa, Dubai) that got independence the same time we did have gone a milestone. We too can do it. We must defend our values, the same values our grandparents had:Harambee.. We must make kenyan voice be heard, we must make our voice be heard.
Let’s face it, what happened in 2007, what happened in 2013 and what happened in 2016. In 2007 about 1300 people died out of ethnic violence. The same happened in 2013 and 2016. And the same trend seems to happen everytime. After people are dead, they always go back and unite together making fools of us. They call it a bold step to unite the country, but I don’t, Why would politicians agree to unite when most of their citizens are dead. Why didn’t they do it before any lives were lost.I believe they do this out of self interest ;either party always makes an offer that the looser finds attractive. Why do you think the country is more tribal? I believe it’s because of our politicians, our two politicians. I believe kenyans are good people, I believe you are a reasonable person and you understand very well how much you love your neighbor, but when we come to talks about these two Leaders, our tribal thinking most of the times take way. I thought it was going to be over this election ; but now again they’re telling us who to elect in 2022, those who’ll continue serving their interest. We both know someone has to stop this, we both know we are suppose to stop this from happening. Our democracy, our constitution gives us freedom, to make free choices without influence from our Leaders. Our Democracy matters because it reflects an idea of equality and liberty in us, it gives us our dignity ;it gives every individual an equal vote and an equal say in formation of our government.
Start pushing for accountability from Your MCA, Your MP, Your Governor and even Your president. Tweet him, write him a letter, Tell him what he can do to solve your situation or problem. He won’t reply most of the time, but if you keep tweeting, if you keep asking and if You keep writing, he’ll eventually reply. Remember the phone numbers they gave you on campaigns, are they working? Mine isn’t working.
If you’re feeling the same energy that I do. If you believe that we need jobs, if you believe we need better hospitals and schools,if you believe in equal treatment for our girls and boys,if you still have hopes for our children, our brothers and sisters who have to brave the cold and the floods to go to schools with a believe that kenya has a place for them too. If you agree with me that enough is enough and you’re sharing with me a believe that we can make our lives great, by making kenya great;give me a missed call on +254790397950(0790397950) or send me a text or even WhatsApp. Together let’s build a better tale to tell our children and grand children.


Does porn up men’s game?

Internet influence is an act that both males and females undergoes through. A few weeks ago, a classmate of mine came to me asking why guys like watching porn. I didn’t think about it that much at that particular pointing in time until yesterday. I deeply thought about it and how it influences guys perception on females.
I took it upon myself to WhatsApp random guys contact in my contact list and you won’t believe this but it’s true, that most guys watch porn to up their sex game. For a long time I took this as a non issue in our society until last week, when I bumped into a porn clip from one of my classmate’s laptop.
I asked him out just to get his view on this.

You know what Collins, every guy atleast once must watch these clips to learn. It makes you better in bed. Imagine making your girl behave like the pornstar girl-all that moaning, screaming.

“Really? Has it affected how you perceive girls? “I asked.
“Well, I have to confess this, I don’t pretty much give women that much value, I believe in a one night stand thing. Get her super, watch a movie and have your ticket between her legs. And most of the time, all I see is that well rounded ass, and how am longing to grab it. I know it’s a bad thing, but really it’s also fun and entertaining. ” He elaborated.
Then I went to a few girls to get their opinions on this.
“It’s embarrassing really how guys view us in this modern era, we girls also want to be a part of society, we don’t dress as an invitation but to embrace our true identity. And shame on those guys who view us as sexual toys.” Grace, Bcom student.
“Do you girls also watch porn? ” I asked.

Out of curiosity, its a normal thing for every human, but just once or twice for girls unlike guys who get addicted to it.she replied.

“How does porn addiction from guys influence how they view you.. And first have you ever been a victim from them”

“Yes, I have been, I remember one day walking across school and this guy friend of mine slaps(spanks) me from behind. I felt helpless. I didn’t wanna react because of the embarrassment that would cause me and I have so many friends who feel uncomfortable on how guys perceive them. I think porn makes them demean women and the fact that addiction plays so much in their mind, most of time they lose focus of serious activities in their daily lives.”

It’s a proven fact that frequent Exposure to dirty clips ruins your mind on how you view people from the opposite sex. Most of the time sex will be the only thing running In your mind. Have witnessed this first hand, its a path you don’t want to tread on for the sake of yourself, our girls and our entire society. Internet indeed is a good thing, but let’s stop consuming its vices. Let’s make it a tool to develop ourselves for the best. It’s a hard thing to turn our back against, that’s why we are asking for help from our female colleagues, because together we can achieve equity.

5 productive female habits that guys should learn 🎓

Ever wondered why most females lead lives beyond their means? Well, most of you will attach that to the existence of sponsors (older money donors for the selfish motive of misusing girls) but well that’s just like 20% of the girls. What about the other 80%? Well;here are the secrets the other 80% of the girls do that I recommend every guy should practice.
1.Read Books.
Most ladies spend a huge junk of time reading self help books and romantic novels. For a long time I thought it was unproductive until I started small talks along these two genres of book and believe me these books play a very vital role in most girls lives. For guys I’d recommend classics and a bit of self help books. Start with one book monthly, it helps.
2.Personal care.
Well, most of them overdo it, but its a good thing that I think we guys should adopt. Daily showering is a must for every guy. Healthy eating is also a must in our daily to do list. Being clean doesn’t mean you are girly, it means you value your life so much. Why would you spend kshs. 1000 on a dinner with a girl while not spend the same amount on dinner for yourself. Ask any girl, they’ll never do such a damn thing unless they’re crazily in love with you.
3.Self worth.
Girls really value themselves so highly. Did you know a girl may have a crush on you and will never ever open up? Did you know that a girl could be poor and will never allow that get past her hostel or apartment door? These are good things, they reveal how psychology stable a person is. They foster an understanding that no matter how bad a situation is, my value is way higher than the Situation itself. As guys, let’s embrace the same mentality without forgetting our masculine role.
4.Art of faking.
I’ll be honest, ladies can fake anything up. They know how to use their feminine appeal to get anything they want. They use it in manipulation and even deception. They have mastered how to fake external love. They employ this in confusing guys into doing basically anything they want. Is it bad? Yes, but who cares. Why don’t you as a guy employ the same.
5.Healthy relationship.
Have never met people who are really good in creating friendships like ladies. Their friendship bond is so strong to an extent they share the darkest of secrets with each other. This makes them vulnerable as they’re very easy to understand if you can be an assert to their best friend. It’s also good on their down moments because atleast they have a shoulder to lean on. They are very good in peer mentoring. For guys, it’s very rare but it’s an opportunity for us too to start working on our friends. We have allies as I call them but not genuine friends. We don’t peer mentor unless it’s at church when we are forced into small mentorship groups.

Why are you living fake?

People would rather live a fake life than proudly embrace the true life within them-Unknown.

I look at youths and how crazy they are going just to live the life a celebrity or a friend is living. We forget that each and everyone of us was wonderfully and uniquely created. Each one of us was born with a gift and each one of us should embrace those difference for the world to prosper.

I was born a queit and a jovial person depending on the occasion. I was born with a passion for English and a reader too. You were born to be something else. Just imagine an introvert trying to lead an extroverted kind of lifestyle,wouldn’t that person look a little weird?

Why do we lie to our friends about the kind of people we are. What do we get from being fake? We lie from the things we posses, where we hangout, the kind of meals we take to even the kind of clothes we put on. Many of us are leading other people’s life. Will I ever be complete if I start leading the life of my favourite actor or celebrity? Of course no.

We crave for likes and followers on instagram, Facebook and even on Twitter. Be online on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10pm 🕙 and you’ll understand how far youths are willing to go to get followers. We’re forced to retweet, like and comment not because we are willing but because we know by the end of the day I shall have reached 2k followers. These forms the foundation of our talks and discussions be it at work or school the following day. We are longing to brag to our friends about how powerful we are becoming. Well… Take a step back. Is that really being powerful? How is that going to make you lead the life of your dream. Imagine if the same energy was to be channelled towards our goals in life, our real desires or the things that are truly important to us. Which kind of world would we create.

Still on instagram and the things that inspire us. Which kind of pictures do we post? Definitely everyone posts their best but imagine getting a negative comment on the very picture you so highly esteem. Won’t you feel like the whole world is abruptly cracking? If you really believed your picture was good then why do you allow a negative comment get into you.

Fakeness will never make our life any better than it is. A man can only reach his or her full potential if he embraces his true self. Faking where you stay, where you studied, the stuff you own, the feelings deep inside your heart or even your thinking isn’t going to make us better. The first step to full realisation is to live our real life, that kind of life you live in the comfy of your bed. And if you’re getting confused about who you really are, then look at yourself and the thoughts you lead when alone. What makes me really me? -a kung-fu panda movie quote. That’s the question you ought to ask yourself and live that answer out loud. Shine! But remember not to settle for mediocrity or a life way below your potential.

How to plan and travel cheaply

Travelling inspires your wanderlust,ignite your itinerary, and invite you to make meaningful discoveries large and small and that’s the inspiration behind my crave for travelling.

A few months ago I started living out my childhood dream of being a Traveller and a Television Journalist.Many of my friends have been asking where I get money to travel and that’s why in today’s article am taking you through my entire travelling process guaranteeing you maximum fun at the cheapest possible cost.
Traveling is fun but very expensive.A lot of people thirst for travelling but are scared of the cost that comes along with it. If you ever feel scared just remember:A journey of a thousand miles starts with a spark of joy and ends with a gleaming of meaning.
In the few months I have travelled I have learnt one of the most important art and that’s the art of blending in.
Before you travel;

1. Try and google the area for familiarization. Know the best places to visit within that area and what makes them really the best.
Read more about those places to enable you ask appropriate questions during the visit.
2.Your backpack must have enough clothing and first aid kit. If you’re allergic take safety precautions like carrying your medicines. Of cause No traveller misses a camera in her backpack.
3.Ensure you have enough money and the place you’re visiting is safe.

On the day of traveling,whether you have your own private car or using a public transport ensure you arrive at the destination relatively early this is because you’re a visitor and you never know how the place is. You could be putting your life or the person picking you up in danger. I prefer arriving between 10am and 4pm. Personally I don’t like eating while am travelling but this is dependent on the person.

On the destination;
1. Try and blend in with the locals. This has been on top of my priority list in technically everywhere I travel to. Blending in helps you get favours not only in getting the best treatment but also the best recommendations. There’s no expert better than a resident of a particular place and nobody understands the place better than him.Not even google compares with a person who has lived in place in his entire lifetime.
2.Go for 2 star hotels. They’re cheap because they are still in their growth stage and just a small hint …you can always bargain the price. Their services are equally as better as the 5 star hotels only that they lack exposure. Their attendants mostly are very welcoming and courteous because they want you there next time.
3.Traveling the place can be quite expensive if you don’t blend in well with the locals.They’ll mostly overcharge you but here is a secret: Never ask the conductor how much when in his matatu,he’ll obviously know you’re not from the place,so to get saved from this..always use kshs.200 note in paying for your fare and just stare at the the conductor trust me he’ll give you back the correct balance. The same applies in local hotels and fruit venders or even shops.
4. If you don’t have a car,it is better to strike a deal with a local motorists to carry you around. It’s expensive yes but not as compared to hiring a car to travel around. I prefer motorists because I make them my tour guides not to forget the discounts because they’re always in flocks. They know the best places to have lunch and they can always pretend to be your relative providing you free access to some beautiful places to visit.
5.Make friends.You can always make recommendations using these friends to your buddies in need of traveling to these places.
Friends can always offer you short term accommodation depending on the kind of friendship you have.

Now go out and travel because you definitely have all it takes.Quick recap:
1Fare to and fro.
2.Meals,Camera,First Aid kitand Clothing

But you can always start by touring your local city as you advance.
Bonus tips;
Follow events on Facebook, some do have good traveling deals to places.

As you are going on with your festive celebration, always remember it’s a season for giving and sharing. Share love,food,gifts with your neighbors. Spark some joy on the kid next door or home. HAAAPY FESTIVE.

Falling for stranger. 

I see love in your eyes

I’m at the mercy of your love. 

What a sorry sight

But it’s only a second sight. 
I see my future in your eyes

Let me give you all you hope for

I mean the feeling of sunset and sunrise

But it’s only a second sight. 
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. 

I see happiness in you. 

I aim to fill you with joyous elation. 

But it’s only a second sight. 
It’s driving me nuts not knowing where you are. 

Just anxious about seeing you. 

The love is strong enough to overcome the fear. 

But it’s only a second sight. 

She is Effing Hot!

She looks tamed
But makes the earth move with her beauty.
Her hips swaying
In a delicate sensual undulation.

Eyes stubbornly lingering over her butt.
Great smile, dimples on both cheeks.
She crosses her legs in a very feminine way.
Left over right.

I just can’t take my eyes off
Her naked shoulder
Her slender neck
And the sensual line of her collarbone.
She looks hot as he’ll in that dress.

I feel this inner conflict
Growing within me
Part eagerness and
Part passionate despair.

Flowery stuff, sunsets
Sappy music and scented candle lights
A really lighthearted romantic atmosphere.
You deserve that.

She’s my best friend.
I love her
I don’t want to hurt her feelings.
But still it makes no sense.